Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not your Standard Sunset

"Sunset Beach is the perfect escape...simple, unspoilted, and unpretentious."-Hip Hotels

This "hip" hotel is one of hotelier Andre Balazs Properties who also was the mastermind behind the "not so standard" Standard Hotels. He transformed this old motel into this simple but chic hotel. It is located on Crescent Beach on the south end of Long Island and offers an amazing getaway from the city. Sunset Beach is a young hip hotel with sunsets so beautiful some say they look like special effects. The restaurant is well known for their French fare and I hear they have some great DJ's that draw in quite the crowd. This isn't a new hotel, but the design is fresh and I love the splashes of color and the bold stripes used throughout. I just feel relaxed looking at the pictures...I'd love a getaway to Sunset Beach.

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