Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dear Sukie, I heart you!

My heart is actually skipping beats as I'm flipping through your site! -AM

I would love to have one of these travel journals for every vacation. How fun would this be to share with your kids or even your grandchildren.
Oh yes and then when you return from your travels it's going to be hard to stick to your AGENDA, but I'm sure this gorgeous silkscreen lined journal will help!

I'm going to be sure to put "make a t-shirt" on my AGENDA. A must have is this Sukie Iron-Ons book filled with 30 gorgeous sheets of iron on transfers! How fun is this!

Oh and I cannot resist this adorable Corsica Tea Towel...

After all this I'm going to be ready for a nap and looky there... the Bird Tree pillow. It's made of organic cotton and silk screened on both sides and filled with feathers! The Bird Tree fabric is also sold by the roll.

I know some of these products can be purchased Urbanic Paper Boutique in Venice.

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  1. Oh gosh I love those iron-ons. Actually, I love all of it.