Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just a Pinch to Grow an Inch...

This Wave Sideboard from Pinch is not just a piece of's an award winning piece of furniture! This is the sideboard from the stunning loft space on my "Just ONE Room" post. Isn't it just lovely! It is also available in Oak and Walnut.

I have a little thing for writing desks and I absolutely love this one, the Yves Writing Desk from Pinch. The slender legs, the green leather top, the beautiful walnut, what more could a girl ask for:-) The fabric on this PENDEL 2 SEAT SOFA just makes me happy. I also love the thought behind this sofa "designed to make sense of compact space" Once again a gorgeous shape.

Have you been searching for that perfect piece? Look no further! This ARMOIRE is it... and some. When I say "and some" I mean pretty much whatever you want it to mean. Wine cabinet, mini bar, closet, media storage, green, white, short, tall, you name it they'll make it.

I know I've commented on a few of these pieces on some other lovely blogs out there. I just saw a post over at Black White and Yellow that inspired this post tonight.

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  1. Aren't these designs amazing?