Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's go Coastal!

The look of the month over at Antrhopologie is Maritime Loft. They are combining raw planks, battered leather, industrial lighting, and maritime motifs to give you this sailed around the world feel. What gorgeous shots and styling!

If you love this look you must make up a trip up the Oregon Coast and stay at Surftides Lincoln City. Last summer I had the pleasure of working on this fabulous boutique hotel with Curated and the FDH Group. The team had taken on the challenge to reinvent this coastal icon with a vision that embraces history while enhancing the property with modern design and amenities. The power and the pristine beauty along the coast combined with the sheer ruggedness of the terrain will keep you inspired for months! I will post pictures of Surftides after the photo shoot. Here's a few images of the land (the Oregon Coast) that inspires this Maritime Loft feel.

images via Surftides

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