Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't be Scared to be Bold!

"The wall holds up the ceiling. The color holds up the wall. How a bold palette choice turned an apartment conversion into an artistic statement." This apartment of photographer Annie Schlechter and bookbinder Russell Maret is a colorful masterpiece! This bright wall is THE structural element TURNED centerpiece after being painted this gorgeous Yves Klein blue.
The gorgeous sofa is an heirloom from Annie's grandmother. And do you notice that red Bertazzoni range in the kitchen...stunning! And this rug from Rug Company is the same as the one in My One Favorite Room!

The Formica cabinetry look great with these bold yellow accents and penny round blue tiles on the backsplash! Love the chandelier as well! I love these bold choices!

Love how the gray wallpaper makes these colors POP!

images via New York Home Design

Let us be inspired!

I came across Plumo after flipping through the new issue of Living Etc. where they featured the Kyoto Bench as the buy of the month. The instant I got to Plumo's site I fell in love with the delicate lines of this vintage book holder, then the beaded hangers, oh my, the coin purses are so sweet, the embroidered ottoman is perfect , and that jumbo storage bag couldn't get any cuter.

Would love for this to be holding my cookbook on my kitchen counter!

i just love the soft lines of those earrings!

Great idea!

I would totally put my rings in these!

Want one now!

For my recipe cards...such great colors!

For some reason this looks fun to me!

Perfect for so many things!

CaBoom Product 4: The Peace Project

One of my all time favorites from the CaBoom Show was the Peace Project by Granada Tiles. This collaboration with local artists is a great way to give back to this wonderful world we live in. I love this bit from Granada Tile Site:
"Peace has many dimensions and can only be achieved when many people join their individual efforts (symbolized by 4” x 4” tiles) together creatively."

Here is some work from a couple of the contributing artists.

"Peace Tree"
Carol Caley
Carol Caley Design Associates

The Peace tree is made up of hands reaching toward one
another from around the world, seeking harmony with
other people and with the earth.

Designated Charity: Heifer Int'l (www.heifer.org)

"Lillith Peace"
Thimo Pimentel
I have chosen the white dove to represent Peace,
the caribbean blue for the sky, a natural background
for the confraternity around the globe, the green
for the laurel leaves and the flora and the way we
must chose to protect and restore the environment,
and yellow representing the earth inside a circle
representing the world as a whole.
Designated Charity: The Susana de Moya Foundation

Anyone can submit their designs and I encourage all you artists to do so! Artists receive 5% of each order, and another 5% is sent to the charity the artist designates. You could design the next Fez Tile or Burgos Tile:-)

Burgos Tile

Monday, June 29, 2009

CaBoom Products 3

See Materials (aka Scavolini) had some amazing products at their booth. The porcelain and ceramics tiles were stunning and some of the prices were unheard of! They carry wide plank hardwood flooring from a company called Dekora Parket. The finishes are gorgeous and the planks come as large as 12" W x 86" L! Also, I searched their site to find some great shots of IDEA Group, the bathroom furniture line they carry. I fell in love with these bathroom vanities!

Love the furniture like style and the turned legs of the Deko line. I'm going crazy over that gingham wall!

Deko can even be ordered as a desk...fabulous!

Gotta love the chartreuse!

The clean soft curves of Seventy are stunning!

Great lacquer colors!

So many amazing finishes on these floors from Dekora Parket, it would be hard to choose just one!

I'm loving all these black tiles from Iris Ceramica!

Turpan Bianco (also comes in black!)

Stop by the showroom in West Hollywood to check out more great products on display as well as the Scavolini Kitchens.

CaBoom Product 2

The furniture, the shoes, the skate decks, let's just say everything over at Bottega Montana is done with perfection. Two brothers, Francesco and Marco, combined their exceptional talents to create these "extraordinary" products. They have also collaborated with some top companies to bring you one of a kind shoes with that same quality and detail while still giving you that funk to rock your style whether you're at the office, on the board, or hitting the club!

This outdoor spool stool is stunning! What a great photgraph. I'm assuming this photo was taken in Lima, Montana where Francesco and Marco are living.

I can't wait for these to come out! Someone's getting a new pair of Tretorn boots!

These are so cool! I love the blue bottoms of these United Kranes Shoes! I didn't have any cash on me or I would have left with a pair for my fiance!

Amazing detail! Pure Perfection!

Stunning sculptural Barstools!

Check out the joint system on their furniture, no screws or nails are involved!

CaBoom Product 1

I spent some time at CaBoom this weekend, the show was mediocre, but this doesn't mean there wasn't some fantastic talent and products there. It was in the old Robinsons-May department store in Beverly Hills...ok so just the words department store and Beverly Hills make me feel a little queasy, so I think this was the main drawback of the show! I'm much better off in my little boutiques in Venice and loft like warehouses or outdoor markets! I'm going to take some time over the next couple of days to showcase some of my favorites things from the show!

I am loving this line of cabinetry from Moduture, a modern, modular, furniture team based out of San Diego, Ca. These stackable cabinets come with an insert that slides right into the front of the cabinet. You can choose from their standard finishes or just order the MDF board and customize your door front...I'm thinking some fun wallpaper! Talk about a simple solution to custom cabinetry. And what's great is when you're tired of it you just change the front! Love it!

Are you a puzzle freak, but just can't find the time to finish your puzzle in one night and don't have the space to keep it out?! Well Brady and Charlotte from Moduture have your answer! The puzzle table! Each side of this table pull open to conceal your in-progress puzzle.

Happy Monday :-)

After a fabulous weekend getaway to Palm Springs, I want more weekend getaways! These places would do just fine!

What a gorgeous place for a little 4th of July BBQ. Annie +1, please!

I think you get it, I don't need to say a word:-)

Can't you just imagine floating around through the trees, picking fresh apples and pears in the early morning, and then spending the afternoon baking fresh pies and tarts!
How darling is that Hammock?!

What great shots from Annie Schlechter.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Poetic Space In Perfect Harmony + Contrast

I would love to attend Panta Rhei college in The Netherlands. i29 Interior Architects and Snelder Architects did an absolutely amazing job on this space. Panta Rhei meaning "everything flows" or "everything in motion" was the main inspiration behind i29's design. The design leaves space for the imagination of the user. Poems are applied like carpets to the floors and the furniture. These poems about friendship and insecurity have been left open ended for each student's own interpretion and continuous inspiration. The furniture is thought of like music and deals with harmony and contrast rather than taste and style. All in all this is absolutely stunning and as a student I would have loved going to school in this space each day!

images via Arch Daily