Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mia + Joelle's Bedroom Inspiration

Here's a sneak peek at the Moodboards for Mia + Joelle's bedroom design I have been working on with Hilary over at Pink Pianos.
This first board is just a color study for Joelle. She's an 8 year old southern california girl and loves the surf and the sand of course! We chose shades of blue, green, and yellow with the use of raw woods to create that beachy feel without creating something too literal.

The gorgeous bedding from Bungalow is the perfect combination of colors and subtle pattern! Love, Love, Love. The linen capiz sheers create that light and airy feel we are trying to capture. The rattan poofs and the hanging hammocks are a must! This bed from Pottery Barn is the perfect bed to lounge around in and layer with pillows! This is just the beginning...there will be more to come on this project!

The first board here is just for color inspiration for Mia, a 10 year old with a bit of a punk rock attitude! She's adorable and her little personality is really starting to blossom. Her favorite colors are purple and orange and she even provided us with some colored blocks that she chose for her color palette. The rooms have to stay consistent with the serene feel of the rest of the house, so we can't go too crazy in Mia's room although she wouldn't mind! Mia is very artistic and we need to find some creative for her to express her energy.

We think an upholstered headboard is a great solution for a teenager who's taste is always changing! I love these fabrics from Megan Adams Designs and think they add just the right amount of spunk and color intensity. The platform bed is great and we are thinking of lacquering it a color...maybe a gray! The Funky Zebra Rug by Diane VonFurstenburg for the Rug Company adds that special twist so this room doesn't become too serious! Mia has a disco ball that we will hang from the ceiling and mix with some soft soft paper lanterns and flower poofs. Again this is just the beginning and there will be more to come!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Volcano, Volcano, Volcano...

I have been stranded in Milan + Pesaro since this incredible Icelandic eruption has decided to bless us with it's presence. My experience is something I cannot explain yet, but it has been full of chaos, stress, laughs, only 1 panic attack, new friendships, great food, wine, and design and finally a clear mind! I have so much information from the Salon Mobili in Milan that I would like to share with everyone and will do that soon! My free time has been spent trying to get a flight home and have not once sat down to write, but it feels great to do so. I just got a new flight yesterday and will be returning home on Sunday {huge sigh of relief}. I am technically stranded here by myself, but have become such great friends with people that I have not once felt alone and I will miss everyone when I go. I came across these photos of the volcano in Iceland taken Rebekka Gudlesfsdottir and am amazed by their beauty! These photos have given me the inspiration to see this experience through a new light.

"These horses are lucky for now. Farmers caught in the worst of the cloud have been forced to slaughter their animals (at least cows, not sure about horses) due to their land being devastated by the ash."

Thank you Rebekka Gudlesfsdottir for venturing out and sharing these photos!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Weekend Bliss

I am looking forward to this weekend! How about you!

Sleeping in with the windows open.

Soaking in a nice bubble bath with jasmine and orange candles burning.

Sipping on coffee outside while reading a wonderful book.

Getting all dolled up...

for a nice romantic dinner.

images via unknown, apartment 34, this is glamorous, dress design decor, and beautiful things to share.

Happy Weekend!

Hope you all have a magical weekend wherever you are and whatever your plans may be!

This gorgeous photography is via Simply Bloom Photography.