Monday, June 1, 2009


108 Time Box is a calendar in a box that flows for 108 months. It starts in 2006 and will track your time until 2015. You only have a few years think it's worth the $25.00? What a fabulous idea! And the type and design is unique for each month! You can get this over at one of my favorite sites GNR8 and also check out some of the other fabulous designs from Taiwanese designer Owen & Cloud.

While searching on GNR8 I fell in love with AQHayon bathtub by Jamie Hayon! It's a little pricey @ $7500.00, but it got my wheels turning thinking you could probably custom make a tub deck like this for a standard undermount tub. Hmmm...the tub and legs might not be as sleek & pretty, but I'm sure you could create this look for less. Now that's a challenge.

1 comment:

  1. ohhh.. great tub. So unique & sexy! Can't wait to check out CNR8. Love the designs. Calendar is quite cool indeed!