Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let us be inspired!

I came across Plumo after flipping through the new issue of Living Etc. where they featured the Kyoto Bench as the buy of the month. The instant I got to Plumo's site I fell in love with the delicate lines of this vintage book holder, then the beaded hangers, oh my, the coin purses are so sweet, the embroidered ottoman is perfect , and that jumbo storage bag couldn't get any cuter.

Would love for this to be holding my cookbook on my kitchen counter!

i just love the soft lines of those earrings!

Great idea!

I would totally put my rings in these!

Want one now!

For my recipe cards...such great colors!

For some reason this looks fun to me!

Perfect for so many things!

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  1. I wish the pics were still here, I just discovered Plumo and am trying to see what different folks think of the store!