Monday, June 29, 2009

CaBoom Product 1

I spent some time at CaBoom this weekend, the show was mediocre, but this doesn't mean there wasn't some fantastic talent and products there. It was in the old Robinsons-May department store in Beverly Hills...ok so just the words department store and Beverly Hills make me feel a little queasy, so I think this was the main drawback of the show! I'm much better off in my little boutiques in Venice and loft like warehouses or outdoor markets! I'm going to take some time over the next couple of days to showcase some of my favorites things from the show!

I am loving this line of cabinetry from Moduture, a modern, modular, furniture team based out of San Diego, Ca. These stackable cabinets come with an insert that slides right into the front of the cabinet. You can choose from their standard finishes or just order the MDF board and customize your door front...I'm thinking some fun wallpaper! Talk about a simple solution to custom cabinetry. And what's great is when you're tired of it you just change the front! Love it!

Are you a puzzle freak, but just can't find the time to finish your puzzle in one night and don't have the space to keep it out?! Well Brady and Charlotte from Moduture have your answer! The puzzle table! Each side of this table pull open to conceal your in-progress puzzle.

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  1. hi annie may! thanks again for stopping by our booth and for your great feature! xoxo, charlotte @ moduture