Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Great Indoors 2009 Winners

The Great Indoors is a competition where the best Interior Design concepts are exposed to the public. TGI takes place every two years and it's much more than prizes; it is a design fiesta where lectures and workshops are organized in an attempt to promote and highlight the importance of Interior Design. via Yatzer

These projects are fabulous and are really an inspiration to me! I have bigger dreams for the year 2010 and my interior design career, so these projects really do give me that jump start that I'll need to make my dreams come true! Check out the winners:

Firm of the Year: Guise

Show & Sell: Prada Transformer
by Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)

'Serve & Facilitate': Library for the University of Amsterdam
by Bureau Ira Koers and Studio Roelof Mulder

Concentrate & Collaborate': Recycled Office for Gummo
by i29 Interior Architects

Relax and Consume: Beijing Noodle No. 9 Las Vegas
by Design Spirits

Friday, December 18, 2009

Design Milk: The Beat Boxed 10

For my last Beat Boxed of the year I thought long and hard about an artist that would take us out of here with a bang! To say that this guy will take us out with a bang is an understatement. Steve Aoki, aka Kid Millionaire, has beats that will keep you running, jumping, and dancing well through the New Year. His adrenaline is something incredible and you will without a doubt leave feeling it!

Check out the video "I'm In The House" and see if what he is saying is true! He told Spinner, “This is my new single with Zuper Blahq that jumps into your party pants and will make you dance dance dance.”

Steve Aoki I'm In The House Feat. [[[Zuper Blahq]]] from Dim Mak on Vimeo.

How can I possibly box all this energy into one space? I can’t! Think of it this way…it’s no longer about boxing it, but rather unleashing it! And that is exactly what I have done in this Aoki inspired office space.

For the entire article and all sources please visit the original post on Design Milk.

Not only is Steve Aoki a freaktabulous DJ, but he also runs Dim Mak Records, one of the greatest record labels ever! Dim Mak has been just nominated for “label of the decade” by URB magazine, so be sure to go cast your vote! Oh and did I mention he also has a really sweet clothing line? Happy Endings everyone and hope you all have a fabulous holiday — see you next year!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I heart schubLaden.

I am a huge fan of schubLaden and if you are not yet familiar with them you should be! It's been awhile since I was on there site and as I was obsessing over it today I came across some incredible "new" (to me that is) products. I love the details and character in every one of the drawers. What an incredible collection they have!

Oh how I want this bookshelf for my office!
and how I want this for my entry! 34-01

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Girl's Night Out!

Next year I am making a promise to myself to have more Girl's Nights Out and hopefully I can squeeze one more in this holiday season!
image via Moodboard

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Underground Mountain House...sigh

My jaw dropped when I saw this stunning Underground Mountain House located in the Swiss Village of Vals! I have a special place in my heart for underground homes. My grandparents live in a underground home that my grandpa built with his own 2 hands in the 70's (I think). I have dreams of getting my hands on it one day! It would make an incredible art studio!
So enough about my grandparents home. Let me just say this place is absolutely incredible, but see for yourself...

This unusual house plan is the collaboration between the Netherlands architects at SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects!

Cuddled up in Cable!

A big chunky knitted wool cable blanket, just what I need to stay warm this winter!
It's like a work of art for your floor! Might be a little scared to walk on it, but I'd have not problem curling up on it in front of the fireplace!

Giant Knitted Rug by Christien Meindertsma via nummy nims

And this rug is going to make any room feel cozy no matter how cold it is outside!
Cable Rug by Room and Board

Tartan Plaid for the Holidays!

As I was searching for the same fabric as this discontinued tartan plaid tablecloth I came across the cutest table setting ever over at Frolic! Rosemary, Apples, and Tartan Plaid...my absolute favorites!

It sure has been the year for tartan plaid, huh!


Ok this one is a little much!
Elle Decor

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Design Milk: The Beat Boxed 9

This week on The Beat Boxed I'm dreaming of the opportunity to sit down to dinner with the talented group Metric! I am such a huge fan of their music and all the music of Emily Haines! This is a girl with an interesting perspective on life and I would love to just sit down and chat!

For links to all sources visit the actual post on Design Milk

I am also predicting who might just be producing their next music video. And my guess is the Montreal based company Soft Citizen whose new office designed by Ministry of the Interior is pretty fabulous!

Chestnuts & Papaya

I am in such a linen phase right now so I was so happy when I came across the fabulous collection of handspun linen products at Chestnuts & Papaya. I am drooling over these striped linen clutches with the leather flaps!

Vintage French Ticking Clutch

I am imagining myself now placing my purple broccoli from the farmers market in this great handwoven market bag and pulling out my Vintage French Ticking Clutch to grab some cash to pay for it! Oh what a great thought:-)

Market Basket with Homespun Lining

Check out the entire collection here.

Chestnuts and Papaya also has a great collection of antiques in their LA warehouse, which I'm dying to visit! Here are a couple of my favorites!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Lovely Winter Palette!

How I love this soft color palette in this gorgeous home by Sarah Delaney Designs. What incredible light fixtures in this home as well!

An all white bedroom...in my dreams!

Wow, that chandelier is incredible! It's like the most gorgeous icicles laced with gold! The ornate detail of the moulding is beautiful. I really like the combination of the white trim and the hardwood floors and railing. It adds a really nice layer of sophistication and warmth.

Again the ornate detail on the stairs is stunning.

Olivia Wilde's Venice Home

I've been thinking a lot about the home of Olivia Wilde that was featured in the June In Style. Why you might ask? Well mostly because the bookshelf featured above was inspired by the shelves at Equator Books, which has become home to my new favorite cafe! I admire the books (and bookshelves) as I wait for my coffee and constantly think to myself wouldn't it be great to have a library full of books...with a ladder and all! Take a look at the rest of Olivia Wilde's cozy Venice home! I love her bohemian style and the space is filled with so much character!