Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CaBoom Product 4: The Peace Project

One of my all time favorites from the CaBoom Show was the Peace Project by Granada Tiles. This collaboration with local artists is a great way to give back to this wonderful world we live in. I love this bit from Granada Tile Site:
"Peace has many dimensions and can only be achieved when many people join their individual efforts (symbolized by 4” x 4” tiles) together creatively."

Here is some work from a couple of the contributing artists.

"Peace Tree"
Carol Caley
Carol Caley Design Associates

The Peace tree is made up of hands reaching toward one
another from around the world, seeking harmony with
other people and with the earth.

Designated Charity: Heifer Int'l (www.heifer.org)

"Lillith Peace"
Thimo Pimentel
I have chosen the white dove to represent Peace,
the caribbean blue for the sky, a natural background
for the confraternity around the globe, the green
for the laurel leaves and the flora and the way we
must chose to protect and restore the environment,
and yellow representing the earth inside a circle
representing the world as a whole.
Designated Charity: The Susana de Moya Foundation

Anyone can submit their designs and I encourage all you artists to do so! Artists receive 5% of each order, and another 5% is sent to the charity the artist designates. You could design the next Fez Tile or Burgos Tile:-)

Burgos Tile

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  1. Granada tiles are so beautiful. I can't wait to use them in a project someday.