Tuesday, June 2, 2009


As I've mentioned in my previous posts, I took a trip back to Iowa this past weekend. It was such a fresh breath of air and I left feeling completely rejuvenated. A highlight of my trip was visiting my Grandpa's farm in Garden Grove, IA (pop. 250). He lives in an underground home that looks almost exactly like this home in Big Sur designed by Mickey Muennig Architects ... well from the exterior and minus the ocean view. I absolutely love this home! Check out the outdoor shower and that fireplace is amazing! These are pictures of the Big Sur home I pulled from Trendir.

Heres a link to the google map of my grandpa's home. I told him I have dreams to renovate the interior of his space into something gorgeous and modern and one day it could be my country home. This Big Sur home is exactly what I had in mind. My grandpa designed and built his home with his own two hands back in 1970. They only installed a furnace a few years ago and prior to that all their heat came from the wood-burning stove. They had no need for air conditioning and water comes from the well. To make his home even more amazing they have just planted organic gardens as well as apple, plum, cherry, and peach trees on the roof, and not to mention currants. In their garden they have blueberries, all types of lettuce, peppers, black tomatoes, carrots, beets, oh my, and the list goes on. I'm tempted to move back to Iowa and become a farmer or maybe open a restaurant and have my gramps bring me fresh organic ingredients daily. I would also love to set up shop at the Des Moines Farmer's Market. Who knows, but the ideas are endless. Not to mention he's about ready to tear down an old milking barn as well as an amazing barn right next to it. I can't even begin to tell you about all the good salvage items I found inside. That's another day...maybe tomorrow I'll get all the pics off my camera:-) I'm also going to post some pictures of his home soon, I promise. But for now I hope you enjoyed this amazing home they are calling innovative, and I keep thinking my grandpa did this 40 years ago! Can you tell he's a huge inspiration to me:-)

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