Thursday, June 18, 2009

Take Me Away!

As much as I love Southern California, June Gloom is taking it's toll, and I am longing for those Hot Summer Nights by the lake. I dug up some old work of stylist Peter Frank, and this lakefront home is where I want to be! After a day filled with gardening, relaxing, and a sunset canoe trip, I could sit out on this dock for hours with my Exquisite Corpse EP on vinyl, good company, and a glass of wine...take me here now! Oh and be sure to include my Skin So Soft, please!

The butter yellow and the pitched barn doors are so gorgeous. I'm dying to know whats inside!

What a little oasis! I love that cedar siding with the dusty blue windows and doors!


  1. what a dream space! I want to be there rather than rainy Brooklyn :)

  2. Stunning, huh! I hear it's been raining like crazy in Brooklyn! Hope you get some sunshine soon!