Saturday, June 6, 2009


I picked up the last issue of Domino Magazine from my piles of magazines and fell in love all over again. This magazine is so jam packed with amazing interiors, stories, and products that I can look through these over and over again and find new inspiration each time. I could not get over the spread "Live the Dream" about Pippa (love that name) and Richard Imrie's Hawaiian Vacation home built on a former pineapple plantation...awww! Richard built this home from the ground up and gave it that worn-in cottage feel.

The pine planks are weathered to perfection, the furnishings... slipcovered and all about comfort, well worn pine tables, industrial light fixtures integrated perfectly, and my favorite element is the turqouise and yellow window frames, and louvered doors throughout.

The bedrooms have that summer camp slumber party feel that in it's own gives this home such an inviting energy. I want to be here with a ton of books, my yoga mat, some canvases and a sketchbook and I would be living my dream! Check out more of Ken Kochey natural and happy. These smiles will make you smile. Seriously!

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