Sunday, June 7, 2009


The sultry sounds of Leftover Cuties made me stop in my tracks. The beautiful melody was filling the streets as the band seduced the crowd from the front porch of 1524. As I stopped, the wide platform like front steps of this Craftsman Style bungalow drew me closer to the music. I peeked my head inside. WOW, WOW, WOW! I was amazed! I had no idea what I was walking into, but I am so glad I did. I have been seeing this KNIBB sign as I drive/ride down Abbot Kinney and everytime I think to myself, how clever is that. Ok, so it all came together...KNIBB Design, owned by Landscape designer Sean Knibb, who is known to " take an unconventional approach to conventional design as he transforms ordinary outdoor spaces into magical retreats from everyday life" has taken over the space next door and done exactly that. 1524 is a beautifully curated space featuring Knibb's indoor-outdoor furniture, an eco-friendly collection of tables and benches made of wood salvaged from construction tear-downs around Los Angeles. The colors so bold, the wood so raw, the design so rough but refined. This gallery has been deconstructed, the rafters revealed, the trim stripped to it's purest state, the collection of light fixtures, designed by Peter Carlson, for CL Sterling, sparkle like a diamond in the sky, and the colors are straight from a candy shop. The prices are fairly reasonable and the design is outstanding. A must have!

Knibbs aesthetic transcends through the space and out the back door to a gorgeous backyard garden where flames dance around and and guests gather, in what feels like an old barn. I seriously did not want to leave. The only thing that got me out of this space was the Leftover Cuties were still playing on the front porch:-)

You must check out Leftover Cutie's website, it's new and it is so, so adorable. Seriously I think you'll actually start blowing at the screen, it's that great!! The sound is seductive so be prepared.

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