Friday, November 12, 2010

Design Milk: The Beat Boxed 19

Check out my latest The Beat Boxed: Jonsi, one of my favorites of the moment!  So super bummed I missed his LA concert a few weeks ago.  Did any of you go?!
Jónsi, the mastermind behind the Icelandic group Sigur Rós, released his solo album Go earlier this year and I have been absolutely captivated by it. The music explodes deep into you, sprinkles you with fairy dust, ties a little string around your heart, lifts you up and takes you to magical places.
Check out the amazing video for “Go Do”:

Jónsi - Go Do from Jónsi on Vimeo.
The video production is absolutely brilliant and the live stage shows take the performance to an entirely different level. 59 Productions has created a truly mind blowing show that blasts your senses through a hybrid of art and performance. The journey you go on throughout Jónsi’s show is something you will never be prepared for. The main inspiration behind the live stage shows was the photography of the 2008 fires at Deyrolles, the strangest and most famous taxidermy shop in Paris. As devastating as this was, photographer Laurent Bochet was able to capture this hauntingly beautiful moment that has become such an inspiration to many. 59 productions has taken these moments and Jónsi’s creative ideas and translated this into a dynamic visual performance of life, death, and freedom of animals and nature. Take a peek into the making of the live show:
Jónsi live show by 59 Productions from Jónsi on Vimeo.

Not like that in itself isn’t enough inspiration, but the Jónsi’s song “Go Do” is being used in the latest commercial for Dulux’s Let’s Colour Project. This project is all about spreading color throughout the world to engage and bring happiness into communities that were once gray.

 Above three photos from the Let’s Colour Flickrstream.

As I translate Jónsi’s music into an interior I have been very influenced by both the animal and nature concept behind Jónsi’s live shows and the Let’s Colour Project. I have combined the bold and brilliant colors with the raw and lifeless to create a contrast with depth and emotion. The pattern and texture in each of the pieces evoke a sense of excitement.  While the energy in this room swirls around and dances with you!
1. Finn Juhl Baker Sofa 2. Taxidermy Photograph by Laurent Bochet 3. Gyrofocus Extendable Fireplace 4. Hans Wegner Circle Chair 5. Carnival Wool Rug 6. The Hummingbird Cushion by Alexander McQueen 7. Curiousa + Curiousa Blown Glass Lamp 8. Paul McCobb Planner Desk

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bits of Gold

There are some days when life may seem a little dull, but I must remember to continuously see the bits of gold.  You don't remember days, you remember moments, and these golden moments are the ones which shine brighter than the sun. 
wow, i'd love to wake up in this gold bed.
a dream closet and the perfect little gold stool.
the gold light shines bright.
gold table shines like the sun

Flooded with golden bits.
images via interiors porn, concrete and dust, lonny mag, and laurie joilet

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Black and White Floors

Every year I think I'll get over my black and white obsession, but you know what it's just not happening...and I'm OK with that.  I am absolutely loving these black and white floors and would paint the floors in my apartment in a heartbeat if I could!  The handpainted ceramic tiles are stunning as well!  I just finished up a project where we did not have the budget to install new tile, so we painted the ceramic tile floors instead.  They are gorgeous I must say!  Final install is on Sunday, so I'll post pics soon!

now here's an idea...apply vinyl to the floor and just design anything you want!  I'm obsessed with illustration almost as much as I'm obsessed with black and white, so this one is my favorite!

images via Apartment 34, The Shiny Pebble, Wide Open Spaces, Olli Hemmendorff

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dear Kate Spade,

Could it be possible that this space was designed for me?  Your London pop up shop is filled with my favorite EVERYTHING!  Love, love, and love!  *Annie*

[if you're in London hurry up and get to Kate Spade's London pop up shop because it's only open for another week!]

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Closed Doors

How often do you wonder what's happening behind those closed doors?
Usually you'll never know and that's why it's good to have an imagination that can run free.  Just make it be whatever you want it to be. 
 via Hei

Just a Reminder.

Hello Tad Carpenter!  I love this little robot illustration! Your work always makes me happy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Glamorous Week

It's only Tuesday...yes, yes i know.  But soon, and even before i know, it will be Friday.  Thinking only glamorous thoughts about these days ahead.  Hope you all have an amazing week!

images via the decorista

Monday, October 18, 2010

From Dark to Light

The old world charm and character of these spaces makes me feel all cozy inside.  The darkness on the inside subtly glows as the soft rays filter in through the hazy gray skies. The windows stand tall, and because of this, there is no wrong!

I'm a sucker for big windows, what can I say.  As much as I like feeling all cozy inside I also like feeling fresh and clean.  The glistening light billows in from the gray skies as these white interiors shine brightly.  Aww so fresh...and this puts me at ease.

Now which of these styles are more me?  Ask me today and ask me tomorrow and I'm sure my answer will never be the same.  Give me one here and one there and let's just call it a day!

Goodnight everyone!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Giorgio Possenti

I'm just going to let your jaw drop as you take a look at the interior photography of Giorgio Possenti.   I sit here dreaming of mountains and snow as the first days of summer hit Southern California...again.  I feel the warmth and the character within each one of these spaces even though the colors are neutral and the elements are raw.
the double sided sofa is genius!  This is something I've been seeing so much of lately and loving them more and more.
to just lie here under the moonlight and the sparkly skies with my favorite book and glass of wine.
the sheepskin rugs make wood bench look so cozy.
it's like there's a grizzly bear on the bed.
love how the modern light fixture contrasts with raw concrete.
ummm yeah...everyone come over for a dinner party pretty please!
all images via Giorgio Possenti