Tuesday, June 9, 2009

DECOR 8: Just One Room

Holly @ Decor8 really challenged me today. She posted on twitter "decor8Add your link and play along: What is your ONE room? http://bit.ly/bDdwS"

This room designed by the Curated NY office for the Iacono Residence is the ONE. I was actually in the space for some Curated bonding last year when I worked for the Curated LA office and I was blown away. I love the lacquered plum table, the Moss Chairs, the vintage credenza. The black floors really make this large space seem intimate and then the pops of white open it up all over again. The mural on the wall is filled with child-like scribbles done with such child-like perfection. It's unpredictable, cozy, and elegant...I want to move in today. You have to check out the rest of the loft, you'll be blown away.

This is the one!

Just for fun here's my second choice! I love the wide open feel of this loft like bedroom. The natural lighting, the vintage wideplank floors, and the lived in feel of the space would be perfect for me. This architecture is amazing and oh the possibilities of this space. I may change the dark gray roman shades to something softer and more feminine...maybe the animal skin rug too, but you know what I'll take it just the way it is! I do not have the source for this image as it's been in my inspiration folder and on my mind since the day I found it!


  1. I love these! I'm so glad you shared!

  2. That is a great dining room - I would never get that many chairs though - people might expect me to cook!

  3. oh! i love that last image!