Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fall Foliage

I am really excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow! I am going to be volunteering at Feed The Beach in Venice, so if any of you readers are in the area you should definitely stop by and bring some goodies, but first call The Fruit Gallery (310-452-3034) to see if they need help with anything in particular! I overheard some of those that live down on the beach talking this morning about how excited they were for tomorrow. Just the thought that the underprivileged will have a wonderful meal, a full belly, a most of all that the community is coming together brings a huge smile to my face!

images via skona hem


  1. Love the images, & you are a good person. Hope your Thanksgiving was a memorable one. I just know it had to be! x

  2. Annie May, I just stumbled upon your fun and inspirational blog and I had to sit up straight! So much to see, so much to take in! Now I am going to look at your bedroom mood boards. I am in the process of giving our own guest room a well deserved makeover. Happy week! Monika

  3. Oh thank you! It was a fun Thanksgiving...I'll post pics soon! And Splendid Willow thanks so much for stopping by and saying Hi! If you have any questions or need any suggestions with your bedroom makeover let me know:-)