Thursday, November 5, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I am getting excited for to head home for the Holidays and am dreaming of a white Christmas. It's getting cooler here, still highs in the upper 60's, but lately we've been having a lot of fog which I love! I imagine it being soft flurries (the perfect snow) and it takes me away to a little winter wonderland for a second. I've got my apple cinnamon and vanilla candles burning, the windows are closed so the apartment is getting a little toasty, and I am imagining being here!

even though I'm here...

The winter images I found over at Modish and are by Michelle Arcila

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  1. I'm dreaming on the first photo. I miss the snow too..bad. Home for me is Seattle & last Christmas my family was snowed in for days. I missed out D:
    I have to ask - how are the state of things in CA? We own a home in San Diego & hear nothing but doom & gloom from our property manager. It makes me really upset. We have high hopes to move back by this time next fall, but everything seems so bleak. He even told us the local grocery stores shelves were bare. We finally rented our home (after being vacant for 3 months) but the renter is making life hell & he moved in yesterday. He already removed a built-in custom bookcase that we adored. When told we were upset, he politely told our PM that if that was not okay, he would kindly take back his $ and leave. What's a person to do & he knows it. Baah humbug! Great post x