Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's a gallery/home kind of day! Here is another house tour where the gallery is situated on the ground floor of the house and the rest of the building is the owners' family house. The art and living are combined in a very unique way and in a completely different style than the previous post. I just love the colors and huge murals in this space!

The soft rosy sofa and the intensity of the mural work fantastic together...at least I think so!

This room feels so sweet.

I would love to have a black office filled to the ceiling with books! And I would love to walk out of it into a room completely filled with sunlight!

Oh that wine storage is AMAZING!
A little bit of children's art always adds a sense of playfulness to any space.

Such a dynamic room! The scale of the artwork makes the furniture look like dollhouse furniture.
How incredible is that mural! A little crazy, but I think it's abosolutely gorgeous!
That's my blue:-)

What an incredible bed! The neighbors have a great view! I also love the detail in the carpet showing the placement of the bed.

photos by Verne via OWI

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