Thursday, November 19, 2009

Design Milk: The Beat Boxed 7

This is my favorite The Beat Boxed yet! Check out the entire article on Design Milk today!
A Tribe Called Quest is not only one of my favorite hip-hop groups, but one of the best hip hop groups of all times! Their song “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo” is the perfect follow-up to the “Oh my god I lost my wallet” kind of weekend I just had. For this week's The Beat Boxed I didn't think it fair to "box" in the beats of A Tribe Called Quest, so I decided to create a modern pop-up “kick-it” stop perfect for the Tribe as they continue along their instinctive travels. I was so inspired by how gorgeous the bright patterns and bold colors were as they contrasted with the bright sun and dry desert in this video. You must check it out!

I love this low-lying pleat sofa and it looks like it could almost be the backseat of a vintage 1970’s car. Pop that baby out, unroll your patchwork cowhide rug, scatter around your Moroso cubes from the M’Afrique collection, hang your brass ball pendants, and you are ready to kick it just like A Tribe called Quest did on their way to El Segundo. Oh and don’t forget your sombrero, you’ll need it in that hot desert sun!

Now what better place to kick it than at the Hotel Silken Puerto America in Madrid. I think this room by Mariscal y Salas may have just been designed for A Tribe Called Quest!

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  1. Fabulous job creating the perfect space. I want those gold light fixtures. I'm sorry that you lost your wallet. That is the worst feeling in the world. The fear of who has all your personal information. I really hope this weekend is a heck of a lot better than the last Annie? That hotel room is killer! xx