Thursday, November 12, 2009

Design Milk: The Beat Boxed 6

I LOVE Florence + the Machine! This girl has one of the most powerful and beautiful voices of anyone out there least I think so, but I'm no music expert:-) The Beat Boxed: Florence + the Machine is live on Design Milk today, so check it out! I love it when her song "Cosmic Loves" plays on NPR, the Morning Becomes Eclectic, on my drive to work. No lie I go from being half asleep and caught up in my thoughts to belting this song out at the top of my lungs. It's just so full of energy and passion!

This photo is full of so many details perfect for room inspiration. I love the details and lines in her dress. The simple gold chain layered beneath the dress that fall in the void :-) This duck in the flowers...genius! For me it reminds me that there is still a sense of humor here. I love the alignment and the way the fan wraps her head to make it look like she's wearing a hat. Then of course the pink/salmon walls I just love, mixed with the flowing softness of the white dress.

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The Room. A bedroom. I usually want to keep adding pieces to my inspiration board, but this one I actually kept taking things away. Florence's voice is pure and her lyrics are honest. Her music puts gives me a sense of ease and power and allows me to let go of some of the constraints that sometimes confine me. My mind feels clear when I listen to her music, but I feel passionate. The pieces are few but powerful in this room.
These images above are perfect matches to Florence + the Machine's Cosmic Love.

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