Friday, December 4, 2009

Still Thankful For This Day!

Ok let me pick up where I left off! On Thanksgiving I volunteered for Feed the Beach in Venice and what an amazing day it was. Venice has such a great sense of community and this day proved it once again. The food was amazing and the energy was amazing! Check it out... live music, sushi, turkeys, sunshine, and smiles, so much to be thankful for! It was an absolutely beautiful day and I was proud to be part of it! They had enough people to serve so I brought drinks and desserts and chatted with some of the locals + volunteers wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. There was a lady that came and set up a table to give out clothes, so I gladly ran a couple bags down to her. The items were gone before I could even get them out of the bag, so I ran up to get more, and then even more! I was so excited that these clothes that have been sitting around taking up space got new homes. You should've seen the smiles on peoples faces! Thanks so much to the Fruit Gallery for putting on such an amazing event and all the wonderful volunteers for making it happen! Here are some photos I took from my fire escape!

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