Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Big Day Tomorrow!

We've been waiting for the new custom bunkbeds for a few weeks and they are finally arriving tomorrow! Just in the nick of time! My client has guests coming tomorrow and I'm hoping everything for her boy's room comes together perfectly! The boy's will now be sharing a room, so we really had to maximize on storage. We just custom designed new closets, which turned out amazing. She has so much more room! The new bunks also have a lot of built in storage as well as a huge storage drawer beneath, divided into 6 compartments which will be great for the toys. Can't wait for them to arrive!

Nurseryworks Bunk Beds

Ikea Jorun Duvet
The duvet covers are from Ikea, which by the way look fabulous! They are such a soft color and are perfect for boys or girls. The great thing about them is that they are only $19.99!

David Weeks Boi Wall Sconce
Love this sconce for the lighting on the bottom bunk! We haven't ordered it yet, but still might! We are a little worried about exposed bulbs so we are still looking for different options.

I really love this birdhouse light by inke! I think it would look adorable!

The Aquatic Wallpaper by Pottok is going to be fabulous. It should be arriving in 1.5 weeks and I cannot wait for it to be installed. I think it will be perfect for the boys' room because it tells such a great story.
They are just too cute! You should see the boys sitting in them!
Marrimeko Fatboy

Nordic Kids Table
We did a chalkboard top on the table and I am fighting with the idea of painting all the wood a light gray. Everyone loves the birch, but me. I just think the paint would look so nice with the rest of the colors and would tone down the black. We'll get it installed and then I'll make up my mind. What do you think?!

I'll post pics soon and let you know how the install goes:-)

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