Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sneak Peek: Guest Bedroom In Progress

A couple weeks ago I posted 3 inspiration boards for the guest bedroom project I've been working on and asked which one you thought we'd go with. Well, we went with option #3 and turned the yellow kids bedroom into this eclectic, modern bohemian retreat! Hilary from Pink Pianos has been working with me on this this is the we I'm referring to! Thanks Hil!
The client had a suzani she purchased a couple years ago, when we were working on phase 1 of the design of her house. We decided to make this suzani into the coverlet for the queen size bed. It turned out even better than I could've imagined. We purchased a high thread count white sheet set and had a seamstress add the border with the mitered edges, so it would fall nicely over the corners or fold perfectly to wrap under the mattress.

We loved the blue in the suzani, so we decided to pull that out in the window treatments. My first love for window treatment fabric was this Blue Chevron fabric or Ditto Blue from Madeline Wenrib. I couldn't justify the costs of the fabric for this room, so I found these fabulous premade ikat panels from Kerry Cassill's Fall 2009 collection of fabrics! We love them! They are the perfect weight and are 4' x 10' long so you can just hem them to the perfect length. We added sheer linen panels from West Elm underneath for the perfect layering.

The adorable blue velvet pouf looks so great with the suzani. The color is just gorgeous. My client picked up that funky hanging rack at Urban Outiftters and I just love the statement that it makes in this room! This lamp is the Ada Lamp from CB2, we are looking for a different one because we didn't love it. I found some great options (1 and 2) at TINI which is where we picked up this great black mid century nightstand.

A new treatment is being ordered for this window!!! I wanted to photoshop it out, but decided to be honest with you guys! This isn't the best photograph and it doesn't do the room justice, but I had to show you the inkblot, because it's just so cool:-)

We found the perfect home for the Sherri Robinson inkblot from Gibson that we purchased two summers ago. This piece is so amazing and substantial. It's framed in a black walnut frame that is 3" deep. We picked it up from the framers the day of install and realized the framing wasn't exactly what we had specified, but it works for now. I had orignially discussed with him having the ink blot recessed about 2" back from the glass so that the paper hung freely. The paper that inkblot was done on was fairly thin and because the paper shrunk it doesn't hang straight, so you can see the ripples as it's pressed against the glass. I still love this piece and I love my framer!

You might be wondering about the bed? We actually got this Ligne Roset bed for
$300...a steal huh?! It has a slipcover that you just velcro onto the frame. We will be having a new slipcover made soon! There's still some work to do, but hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!

Photo credit: Hilary's wonderful boyfriend Ashish who came over and snapped these photos for us the day of the install! Thanks Ashish!


  1. wow... this style really sings to me... I love the choices you've made, very boho-chic and very comfortable. Great art and lamps and bedding!. xo

  2. Loving it. I always leave the 'reaction' cool on your posts I noticed. I hate to be repetitive, but everything you do is cool! Happy weekend Annie May x

  3. Wow! That is so comfy and stylish but will never get dated. I'm in love!

  4. Your welcome, Annie. I had a great time see the process and the amount of thought you two put in.

  5. Love those curtains! Fabulous interiors.