Thursday, November 12, 2009

Urban Crafts

I just love these little crafty cafes/shops that are popping up! I have no idea how long Moomah has been around, probably awhile, but I just got word of it from Design Shimmer and am in aww of how cool it is! I wish I was the little kid heading here to do my craft projects. But what a great place for the moms to hang out and be involved in their child's creative process. "Moomah was created to give parents, children and caregivers that opportunity. We wanted the space to be inviting and to nurture creative stimulation not over-stimulation." I think spaces like these are so important in this hustle and bustle society we live in today! I am also fascinated by the branding of Moomah. I love their font on the website, the details in the lettering, the color scheme and just everything about this place! I might dress up like a 12 year old and head in there myself:-)

Those lights from Anthropologie look so adorable!

Chalkboard walls just aren't getting old to me, I think they are great! I also think the simplicity of this table is stunning.
I am doing a project where we are creating a farm themed shadow box. Oh I love this one! What a story it tells!
love it all! Especially the pattern on the curtains, the chairs, the table, and the cabinet:-)

Now if you just want to act like a child or just hang with some really cool adults, my new favorite place in Santa Monica is The Urban Craft Center. I am planning on heading there next Wednesday for the sewing club. Oh and Stitch and Bitch the first Wednesday of every month sounds pretty great as well! They just celebrated their 1st birthday, so Happy Birthday Urban Craft Center, I wish you many many more to come!

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