Saturday, August 8, 2009

Let Michelle Adams inspire you!

Oh I just love this home of stylist Michelle Adams, the mastermind behind the fabric line Rubie Green, featured in the July issue of Real Living. This is a true example of how you can live stylishly in a small space and decorate on a budget. Michelle transformed this teeny tiny rundown apartment into this incredibly funky, fun, and efficiently designed work of art. You must remember that design is a process and as Michelle says "I really view decorating as an ongoing project." Be sure to keep your eyes open to all the inspiration that surrounds you and from this you will be able to surround yourself with things you love and a home you love waking up in!

That tray table is great and the stacking bookshelf is such a space saver. The East Village (Pink) fabric on that chair is so sweet AND spunky
The headboard upholstered in Rubie Green's Marilyn fabric is my FAVORITE! Once again I am loving the bold stripes with the yellow Tillinghast Duvet Cover.

Love that display of design books on the Ikea bookshelf, vintage bamboo chair painted in Flame Red, and the fabric is Mary, by Rubie Green! Awww cobalt blue! I'm dying to use this color in my place!

I'm ready to kick my shoes off and relax here as well! Notice the Ikea Curtains...I think they look great! The lucite table works so well in small spaces because it's functional but isn't heavy so it doesn't look like it fills the space.


  1. I so agree w/Michelle and terrific advice. Design should never be "finished". I read someone's blog yesterday & the woman who so frustrated because her home is 100% finished. I hope I never get to that point! Great post Annie :D

  2. I love her work too! all of those colors make me happy, great post!

  3. Wow- thank you SO MUCH Annie! I was so surprised and happy to find your post! :D Thank you so much for your support, and great blog by the way!
    Xo Michelle.

  4. I love every single room in her home!