Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Florence Lopez Does Antiques...Perfectly!

I can't get enough of Florence Lopez, the unique antique dealer in Paris. She has such an incredible collection of antiques ranging from Finn Juhl, Angelo Lelii, David Hicks, and so much more. She is one of the most sought after antique dealers in Paris as well as a fabulous interior architect/designer. I love her use of bold colors with sharp contrasts of black. Now combine this with the shapes and juxtaposition of her pieces and you get excitement at every angle. Enjoy!


  1. I heard that Early Autumn and Spring are the best times to visit Florence. This is still considered to be tourist season, but is not too overcrowded. Summer is the busiest season and you should expect crowds if you choose to travel at this time. The later Autumn tends to be chilly and can be rainy. It is still warm enough to visit and the crowds will have disappeared by this time

  2. Thanks for this great post Annie! If everyone was as talented as Florence Lopez we would all reuse a lot more:-)!