Thursday, August 13, 2009

Donna Wilson, you make me smile!

My new favorite sofa, the "Mabel" Sofa by Donna Wilson for SCP Furniture! Donna Wilson has such a fun style and definitely isn't holding anything back!

I absolutely love her line it really brings a smile to my face. Well actually some of here pieces do even more than that, they crack me up!
Take a look...
Talk about starting your morning off right. Breakfast in bed on this Day Dreamer Tray will definitely get your mind rolling!

Who doesn't need a litte Rufus in their life just to make them smile!

I would love to wrap up in this "Up the Garden Path" Cashmere Blanket!

This Braid Cushion looks so soft and cuddly!

Cloud Heads Tea Towel

Love this Blah Blah Blah Mini Blanket!
(Saying..."and blah, blah, blah." used to be one of my worst habits!)

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  1. i have 2 dolls just like rufus! i bought one in an outdoor market in bali and one in a recycle shop in new zealand. they are both the ugliest things i own, yet are two of my most prized posessions...