Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Barcelona Beauty

How could you even possibly think of passing up such a beautiful historical apartment in Barcelona. Well when you have a baby on the way and there's a possibility of being evicted due to redevelopment you might question it! Well question it they did, but Cecilia Tham and Yoel Karaso of Habitan Architects fell in love with the original ornate molding and stunning tile work and they figured out how to make it work. The design of the kitchen and bathroom were created more furniture like and not fitted into any walls, so in case this upheaval happened, they would be able to take all their valuable elements with them. Such a genius idea!
I bet the acoustics in this place are crazy! Look at the height of those doors and that gorgeous ceiling...WOW!
A bathtub and sink combo how incredible is this!

Oh my goodness! I am obsessed with that tile! And those light filled windows with the blue shutters are incredible! I hope they never have to leave!
I love all these raw elements and I'm going to say it one last time...I'm obssessed with the tile:-)

Thanks Dwell for such a wonderful feature! Check out the entire article here.


  1. You're right, the tile is crazy! gorgeous patterns... I've enjoyed this house tour very much, thank you!

  2. That bathtub/sink combo is bananas!

  3. I love this old flats in BBC, I studied part of my design degree over there, so i get back as much as I can as I my friends are still in that amazing city. A few of them live in flats similar to this one, it is just a dream, specially the floors and tall ceilings. Sorry I missed your give away, i have been quite sick so not being much around the computer lately. Love the blog!!