Monday, August 17, 2009

And the winners are...

Big Thanks by Fugu Fugu Press

A huge thanks to those of you who stopped by and shared your inspirations with me! I really loved hearing from you! Now, it's time to announce the winners of the Post No. 100 Giveaway!! I used the random number generator to select the numbers for the contest...and the winners are:

#4 Wendy wins the Paris Feather Earrings!
#10 Jen wins the Wallpaper Projects Book!

Ok now let me tell you two quick stories that I think are pretty great! I waited until this evening to announce the winners because I had no contact info for Wendy. I thought it may have been one of my dear high school friends, wasn't quite sure, but had good reason to believe my assumption was correct. First of all I know she always calls me "An". Secondly, her favorite number is 4, it just so happened that she was the 4th person to comment on the post, and it just so happened that the random number generator chose number 4. It had to be her! So I emailed her, but since she is living in Japan it took a little while for her to respond. Anyway, congratulations Wendy, it was meant to be! Go lucky number 4, can't wait for you to rock the feather earrings! Wendy is an amazing teacher, currently teaching in Japan, and shares all of her incredible travel experiences on her blog, Wendy's World (Tour). It is sure to inspire!

Yay, for Jen of The Haystack Needle, she can check one of the wonderful books off her list! How fun is that! I just love Jen's blog and was so happy when I stumbled upon her reading list, it's full of fun stuff! Wallpaper Projects happens to be on the list! It is an amazing book, I couldn't help but flip through it multiple times:-)

Thanks again! And be sure to check back on Wednesday as I will be doing another giveaway!


  1. ha! awesome! i will wear the feather earrings proudly, and send a pic as soon as i can! :)

  2. I'm so thrilled, Annie! Hooray for good luck. Thanks a million for hosting the fantastic giveaway! I will definitely be making some wallpaper projects out of the book which I'll share.

  3. I am so excited for you ladies to receive your gifts:-) I am sending them out today!