Friday, August 7, 2009

More Incredible Lighting!

I'm still on my lighting kick! I was just browsing through Emmas Designblogg and I was going crazy over all the fabulous lighting she had in her images! I recognized and have used a lot of these fabulous lights and I love seeing them in other spaces! Check them out and be sure to check on out the links of my sources!!

This light here reminds me of Star Mandala by Stephen White I have used from Emmerson Troop. Absolutely Gorgeous!
You just saw these Double Disc Flush Mount Lights on my post about Gallery L7. I also love those Industrial Floor Lamps. You could pick something like these up at Empiric.
I think this is just stunning and wish I knew where to get it!

The modern spin on the antler floor lamp can be so fun in the right setting! A fresh coat of white paint and an oversized drum shade turn this from eeek to sleek!

One of my favorites! This 50's lucite and string light adds great texture and sculptural elements to any room. I hung it in a family room, but this idea as a table lamp is great as well! My source for this lamp was Dispela Antiques.

Love everything in this image. The light over the table is great and it reminds me a bit of this great Grace Lamp from Charming Unit! And I just love that Sputnik Light (I think it's a light!) on the floor! We used one similar to this in an entry of a very modern home and it was fabulous. They will customize this light for you at REWIRE!

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  1. Love that round flat silver light... wonder where it's from?!
    I long for the day when I will have a place of my own with all the lights to enjoy it.