Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rebe: Eco Friendly Designs

I'm still stuck on Unique LA and all the things I left with and without! I picked up the most adorable jacket for my baby nephew from Rebe, an eco-friendly designer with an amazing collection. I was in her booth forever and I really could have filled my closet with her entire collection! I wanted to buy for everyone, but little Drake is the lucky one, and he won't even know it. I think he's going to be getting all the ladies in is fabulous new jacket...and he's only 6 months:-) Here's a peek at the collection!

She had a great collection of skirts that looked so comfy! I would love to throw one on now! And how adorable is that jacket?!

Loving this jacket in the Fall 2009 Collection

This is the best little wrap around pocket bag! It fits so snuggly to the body and has a great pocket so you can easily access things when your hands are full. Stylish and convenient. This is the perfect gift for a new mother when she's carrying around her baby she doesn't have to deal with searching through her purse or rummaging through the diaper bag to find the binky or the rattle!

It's all too cute. The organic dolls are absolutely adorable!

Love this Matilde Diaper Sac!

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  1. wow, love all of these! materials seem pretty amazing! thanks darling x