Monday, July 13, 2009

Renegade LA Top 7

I had a blast at Renegade LA this Sunday and although this was very tough for me to do I am going to share with you my Top 7 from the show. It was such a great event and there was so much fabulous talent! My respect goes out to all those involved!


1. Oh these little owls from Rock Paper Scissor had me at "Hello!" The vintage fabrics, the charm, the beady little eyes...I just wanted to grab and hug one, oh wait I did! I have this obsession with owls after my grandmother passed away and I took over her fabulous collection of owl jewelry. These are a must have!

And slightly off subject...Heidi had this adorable yellow chair from Ikea in her booth and it was soooo cute! (Nisse folding chair $12.99)
2. Not only was it a great movie, but it makes a gorgeous work of art. Sycamore Street Press allows you to live your life through "rose tinted glasses" with the gorgeous La Vie En Rose letterpress created with soy based ink on 100% cotton heavyweight papers.

3. Oh what a darling person and amazing artist Tanya Aguiniga is! You may be familiar with some of her furniture like this "Soft Rock" and her handfelted Eames chairs.

Tanya was debuting a brand new line of accessories at the show that are sure to blow your mind. This wool lace necklace and bracelets are such great accessories for any occasion. Constructed with perfection that I'm sure only Tanya has the secret to! The rope bracelets had me doing quadruple takes and I am totally regretting not buying one:-(

These felt birdies were just too adorable!

4. I was very humbled by the work of Q at Postcards + Love. I definitely tapped into my ultrasoft side and was taken back to my childhood on my grandparent's farm. The Embroidered Deer was just lovely and it reminds me of this pheasant cross-stich my grandmother did that's sitting in front of me as I type. Her work is delicate and kind and made with love, but still with has that edgy twist.

Dainty Bird Bracelet

5. I walked by and glanced then I walked backwards and glanced, I repeated this process one more time and then I was sucked in by an incredibly strong current! This illustration below says it all! I stared at these incredible species and my eyes just fluttered and hearts came rushing out of my body! The work of Berkley Illustration is something incredible! The humor and the detail in every one of their pieces will bring happiness into any home! I left the show with this piece below and am even more in love with it now than I was when I bought it:-)

Dancing Couple

6. Absolutely amazing...that's what I have to say about Olaria Studio! I was just browsing through their site and discovered Amy is expecting a bundle of joy in August...congratulations! This explains why her wonderful husband was running the booth. All of the jewelry at Olaria is incredibly unique and it took me forever to decide which piece I wanted. My first choice was this yellow one on the top left, but it looked a little funky with my skin tone. It was my favorite, but I went with the watermelon red one instead! Amy's process is a combination of graphic design and printmaking weaved into traditional clay and the results are incredible. One suggestion...she should start making business card holders because I loved the one at the show!!!!

7. Kevin Tong was one of my first stops at the show and it was also my last. I couldn't get my mind off his work as I oohed and ahhed at all the amazing talent at Renegade LA. There was just something about the color choices and the compositions that set his work apart. I was dying for this Jenny Lewis poster, but this was the absolute last one he had, so there was no chance I could get it. My fiance and I are huge Beck fans, so I eventually decided on the Beck poster. What's so amazing about this print is that you can see the skeleton of their legs, arms, and faces...such amazing detail! Kevin is a super great guy as well, I can tell:-)

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