Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dreams and Visions

The colors and the compositions of the photography of Tricia McKellar will take you to a place far away! They are soft and soothing and full of fairy tales, but still remaining simple in composition and complex in nature. Her photography process is all about letting go of preconceptions and letting the moment alter and arrange her. You can check out all her lovely work at her Etsy shop.

Glimpse (Weeping Apricot 3486)
My heart skips a beat as I look at this photograph!

This work was inspired by the yearning of flight and wander in the slowness of summertime. He totally looks like he's pondering "where to go, where to go?"

Such a beautiful way to capture and interpret the way that colors glow in the summertime.
Summer (Birds in Flight)

On your marks, get set...

I'm just imagining lying beneath this tree on a gorgeous spring day and watching the birds soar with their wings spread wide. Eventually I'd be taken away as I'd begin to think about all the places these birds have been!

This piece is inspired by life, death, growth, and renewal. It's so simple, but that says so much!

I love Tricia's mixed media work as well. Again it's so layered with detail and full of character. Each piece is open to interpretation. The simple palette works great with complex detail in the imagery.

Plans + Diagram No 2


  1. Glimpse is beautiful. It looks like a watercolor not a photograph.

  2. Annie May, thanks so much! I'm so glad you like my photographs! :)