Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Now Imagine Your Holiday Home!

This project by UN Studio will really make you think after you finish gasping. They were commissioned to design a "Holiday Home" which was installed in a gallery at Philadelphia's Institute of Contemporary Art. UN Studio is known for their out of the box thinking and preferring concept over convention as you can see in this faceted, prism like, voluminous work of art. This project was a theoretical approach to the common idea. It is rare that in the real world a designer gets to experiment with these exercises. It always feels so good to go there, you know outside your everyday thoughts, when you are challenged to think just one step further. I feel like the volumes within this space represent different volumes of thoughts. Now what is your dream "Holiday Home"? Funny enough when the architects were asked about theirs they said "a 19th century farmhouse in the Canary islands, completely undesigned"

This project reminds me of one of my favorite classes and projects in college which was "Experimental Design". Our project was to create an apartment within the college of design for an International Professor coming for the Fall. The space was open to the 3 stories above and to the glass ceiling on the College of Design. My space was based on deconstructivism, volumes, and planes. There was no actual ceiling, but all my walls were angled so that as the planes met they created a roof while still allowing the natural light to come in from above. Oh, how I loved projects in college!


  1. How I wish I had for-filled my dream of architecture! This is so incredible.

  2. Oh I know, isn't it! Thanks so much for all your lovely comments, I really appreciate and enjoy them!