Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jaw Dropping!

This desk is drop dead gorgeous! The carbon framework of the Hexa Desk allows it to be super strong AND super light. Perfect for the executive who wants to pick up his desk and throw it across the room:-))) The Turkish designers over at Can Yalman designed this masterpiece for Nurus and it will be available in September of 2009.

It doesn't stop at the Hexa Desk with Cal Yalman Design! They have created some absolutely amazing ceramics!
These gold and black tiles from the ceramic collection OrienTile are incredible. I would love to see these used in a funky cafe!

Another great design for the OrientTile Collection!

So cool...oh the possibilities!

Funkidelic...that's what these are:-) Love these tiles from the RepTile collection! These tiles were designed for Kale Seramik and received honors in ID Magazine!

Texture and Reflection!

The CrocoTile is such an innovative approach to the crocodile tile.

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