Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Kitchen. Kind of...

So this week we are starting the demo of a kitchen and the cabinets we are about to demo, for the average person, are in great shape. However this client is not quite your average person (psst...director of a show that is 4 words and first word starts with a D and last word starts with and S.) Anyway, that doesn't really matter, but what matters is I was thinking I should salvage his cabinets and use them in my place to replace my "hideous" metal cabinets. I thought it was the most brilliant idea ever until I came across this picture over at Bloesem!

These ARE my cabinets! They are cream colored metal cabinets with a curved top drawer, and you know what...I think they are pretty freakin' cool now that I see them out of context. Now I realize what I need to do is not get new cabinets, but get a new SMEG refrigerator to replace this modern stainless steel thing that I've got! Oh the possibilities! Which color would I want?!!!

And I absolutely love this ruffled table cloth (and the table, chairs, and lighting)! I think it's one of the most darling things ever! I think it would be beautiful on the tables at my wedding. Mom...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Kid's Playground.

So I think this is pretty much the cutest and most clever thing ever! I love when one challenges themselves to not be limited or confined by the four walls and ceiling that make up a room and have the ability to create something that maximizes the space and the volume within the structure. I can't even put into words how much I love this kids bedroom by H2O Architects!

The space is maximized and so much storage is created within this dynamic structure.It's like a child's own little architectural museum.
I just love how they did not feel constrained by the window.
Wow look at all that storage! Climb up the stairs, through the sliding door, and into a new little world!
Pretty sure this little one would be excited to be sent to his room!
Thank you so much Dwell for sharing this amazing feature!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Papa Palheta: The Tasting Experience

There is just something about how raw and real the feel of Papa Palheta coffee shop in Singapore is. This shop has gone a different route than most other cafes and coffee shops and has created a space and business that is about the perfection of the product. The tasting room serves up fresh brews in the tasting room free of charge and you can wander around the courtyard, sip, enjoy, and decide what you want to buy. Coffee in Singapore does not have the loyalty that coffee has elsewhere. Papa Palheta is changing that day by day by importing some of the best beans from around the world and really working to perfect the roast. “We constantly strive to improve our roasting techniques and brewing methods – the spirit of speciality coffee.”

Love the graphics on the window!
Sipping coffee to the sound of the typewriter I find this to be so inspiring!

Absolutely love the raw feel of this space.
The space just looks so cozy and peaceful and feels very real.

image and information source: Wallpaper

Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentin Apartment

I am absolutely loving this Valentin apartment by ECDM Architects. The bedroom extends out into the open and just floats over the space.
I am obsessing over these chairs too!
such a cozy little place! Definitely wouldn't want this room to be messy! I am hoping there is a huge closet somewhere right around the corner!

I would love to curl up in one of those chaise and just research and read all day long!

via the contemporist

Design Milk: The Beat Boxed 10

In 2010 a few of my goals are to take more baths (rather than showers that is), meditate often, and see The Flaming Lips perform live! Every January I start looking forward to Coachella and the release of the much anticipated lineup. Well, my original article was written last week and since then the lineup was released and the Flaming Lips will not be playing:-( The lineup is insane, so I cannot complain! I can still lounge around in my Flaming Lips inspired bathroom and listen to their latest album Embryonic!

“To see or not to see, to be in a gentle and magical form. Transparency and volume dancing together intertwining in a unique and endless hug. Floating, sensing and dreaming.” This description of the Arturo Álvarez Flu Lamp perfectly captures the feeling one should sense in this bathroom. The psychedelic kaleidoscope tiles dance on the floors and onto the walls with water like essence. The glass tub fills with water and disappears into the ground and you feel as if you’re floating inside the room. The veins of the black marble shoot through the prisms and create the powerful, but soft energy of water carving through rock. The lighting floats dreamily above while the energy and ethereal movements of the space make you feel like it’s some kind of hypnotist! Get it?!

DJS, this insanely gorgeous retail store in Hong Kong, designed by Panorama International at first glance probably does not make you think…”Oh yeah, The Flaming Lips!” ... I feel like if you put inside this store and turned me in circles I probably wouldn’t be able to find my way out. I’d feel like I was floating in mid air, much like I’m imaging the way I’d feel if I was that jumbo ball floating over the crowd at a Flaming Lips. Read the entire aricle here.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A. Kinney Court is Quite a Spectacle!

Oh how I love Venice and all it's funky ways! That's why I was super excited when I had the chance to write about this fabulous new boutique for Design Milk!
One of the newest additions to the ever-changing Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, CA, is A. Kinney Court, “a concept fashion boutique gallery” opened by Garrett Leight, a native of Venice, and the son of the Oliver Peoples eyewear founder Larry Leight. When in Venice you cannot help but be inspired by the surf, sand, and skate culture. Ilan Dei Studio, located just blocks from the shop, no doubt tapped into these sources of inspiration for this project as well as taking inspiration from the Eames bent plywood processes and skateboard construction. Ilan Dei Studio not only designed, but fabricated and constructed this energetic interior.
The display walls remind me of the view down into the deep bowls of the new Venice Skate Park.

Check out my entire article over on Design Milk!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Drooling Over New Zealand Architecture.

I have a super duper special place in my heart for New Zealand. It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and I am just dreaming of the day I can return. When we were traveling in New Zealand I would always say, I just can't quite comprehend at this time how beautiful things are. Everyday I was seeing the most gorgeous and unique natural landscapes and environments that I'd ever seen before. My head was constantly whipping around, with jaw dropped, and all I could say was "oh my gosh, look over there! wow! wow! look over there! wow!" I am feeling the same way as I drool over the work of New Zealand based Fearon Hay Architects. The Sandy Bay Farmhouse makes my heart skip a beat. I would gladly stay here on my next holiday;-)

Just imagine the night sky filled with star light. Oh so gorgeous!

The countertop is stunning wish I knew what material it was. Such a gorgeous matte finish which makes me think it may be sandstone or concrete. Any ideas?

What a great connection with the outdoors. Just thinking this would be the perfect place for a wedding:-)

wow...that's all I need to say!

I can't help, but sharing with you another project by Fearon Hay Architects. The Mountain Retreat located in Central Otago blends in perfectly with the natural landscape and environment in the region without being too raw.

This home is completely hidden upon entry from the road. You must climb down the roof to enter into the front door. How cool is that!
This view takes my breathe away! And look at how stunning that fireplace and log holder are!

I love this combination of materials.

Check out that bathtub you know there is such a killer view!
I WILL return to New Zealand one day and for now I am going to continue to dream about staying in one of these stunning holiday homes on my return!

Read the entire article over at Arch Daily

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Inspiration of the Year!

Well hello there! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year! I am really looking forward to 2010 and am excited about what's to come. I have been preparing these inspiration boards for a project in Beverly Hills. The client thinks she "knows exactly what she wants", but then again has absolutely no idea! We are really hoping that at our meeting next week we can really create some clarity and a solid vision in her mind so she can feel comfortable moving forward to the next step...demo! Crossing my fingers because we are very excited about this project! Here are the inspiration boards for the Modern, French Normandy with a touch of Versace interior the client is looking for.

The chandeliers over the island are going to be a main focal point in this kitchen. She loves a very traditional white washed door style for the kitchen. The kitchen is very expansive so I really think a contrasting island with a more modern feel will look so rich in the light filled space. I like the idea of wide plank dark floors throughout the house with light non color, colors on the wall.
The living room and family room are both very open with high ceiling, molding, and large windows. I love how the flowing window treatments filter in just the right amount of light and create such a softness in the space. The neutral palette looks so fresh and the reflective qualities in the chandeliers and the mirrors add those pops of Versace the client is looking for.
The bedroom is long and narrow, so I really think we need to keep it light and fresh. I want this room to feel very feminine and be rich with texture and flooded with light. (the first image is for layout reference.)
This bathroom needs to be her sanctuary. A gorgeous room where she can relax and pamper herself for hours. She also has a very large powder room that I think she just be glammed up like the picture on the upper right.

image sources via decorpad, houzz, and unknown sources