Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Kid's Playground.

So I think this is pretty much the cutest and most clever thing ever! I love when one challenges themselves to not be limited or confined by the four walls and ceiling that make up a room and have the ability to create something that maximizes the space and the volume within the structure. I can't even put into words how much I love this kids bedroom by H2O Architects!

The space is maximized and so much storage is created within this dynamic structure.It's like a child's own little architectural museum.
I just love how they did not feel constrained by the window.
Wow look at all that storage! Climb up the stairs, through the sliding door, and into a new little world!
Pretty sure this little one would be excited to be sent to his room!
Thank you so much Dwell for sharing this amazing feature!


  1. Can you imagine being a kid in that space? My imagination would of exploded!! Great fun to see Annie. Hope you are doing well? x deb

  2. I would've loved it! My brother and I shared a room and we would spend hours in our rooms making forts out of blankets! This would've been heaven for me! All is well here...staying really busy this year. Which is great, but I haven't had as much time to spend on "Yolksy" as I would like:-( Hope all is well with you as well! xx Annie

  3. I like the muti-levels and lines. That kid is too cute! Are you sure he isn't an actor?!