Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Kitchen. Kind of...

So this week we are starting the demo of a kitchen and the cabinets we are about to demo, for the average person, are in great shape. However this client is not quite your average person (psst...director of a show that is 4 words and first word starts with a D and last word starts with and S.) Anyway, that doesn't really matter, but what matters is I was thinking I should salvage his cabinets and use them in my place to replace my "hideous" metal cabinets. I thought it was the most brilliant idea ever until I came across this picture over at Bloesem!

These ARE my cabinets! They are cream colored metal cabinets with a curved top drawer, and you know what...I think they are pretty freakin' cool now that I see them out of context. Now I realize what I need to do is not get new cabinets, but get a new SMEG refrigerator to replace this modern stainless steel thing that I've got! Oh the possibilities! Which color would I want?!!!

And I absolutely love this ruffled table cloth (and the table, chairs, and lighting)! I think it's one of the most darling things ever! I think it would be beautiful on the tables at my wedding. Mom...

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