Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Papa Palheta: The Tasting Experience

There is just something about how raw and real the feel of Papa Palheta coffee shop in Singapore is. This shop has gone a different route than most other cafes and coffee shops and has created a space and business that is about the perfection of the product. The tasting room serves up fresh brews in the tasting room free of charge and you can wander around the courtyard, sip, enjoy, and decide what you want to buy. Coffee in Singapore does not have the loyalty that coffee has elsewhere. Papa Palheta is changing that day by day by importing some of the best beans from around the world and really working to perfect the roast. “We constantly strive to improve our roasting techniques and brewing methods – the spirit of speciality coffee.”

Love the graphics on the window!
Sipping coffee to the sound of the typewriter I find this to be so inspiring!

Absolutely love the raw feel of this space.
The space just looks so cozy and peaceful and feels very real.

image and information source: Wallpaper


  1. That place is cute.. and looks like fun. Coffee is a lot like wine... there are so many flavors from different regions!

  2. Beautiful place, it looks very warm and the food also looks delicious.