Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Speaking of Heath Ceramics

I mentioned in the previous post the profound respect I have for Heath Ceramics, one of the only original mid century potteries still in existence and still respecting the original craft of founder Edith Heath. I am constantly finding vintage Heath ashtrays at places such as Pico Modern and Poolside and am always looking for an excuse to buy them.I went to the Heath opening in Los Angeles, back in December, again found myself looking for an excuse to buy everything in their amazing new showroom. Here we go...here's my excuse...Heath is having a open studio and sale at their Sausilito location this weekend May 8-10. They are offering samples for $1.00 and tours and workshops, such as a glazing studio, all day long. I missed the Los Angeles event, so if anyone can make it to the Sausilito location please jump on it!

Heath Ceramics paired up with potter and artist Adam Silverman of Atwater Pottery and opened up their Los Angeles store designed by Commune Design. Heath has that raw feel of an original artist and pottery studio and each of the artists and salespeople float around as if they are high on life and ceramics. I don't know, but I think the shear simplicity of the Heath Studio would have me floating on air as well. A quote directly from their site "In a nutshell, we're continuing our designer/maker tradition as we grow our community of craft, design and object enthusiasts."
Here are some beautiful installation photos of their tile.

This is the last week to view the Esque show that has been going on at Heath Los Angeles since April 11th. This show features the glassworks of Portland based design team Andi Kovel and Justin Parker of Esque Studio. They have been praised for their clean energy efforts and use of re-purposed material. This praise has got them listed as one of the "Design 100" in Time magazines list of most influential designers. The show will continue until May 10th.


  1. Adore Heath pottery. Did not realize they designed tile. The photos were outstanding. Great post, great blog!

  2. The tiles (and the pottery) are really stunning! Great blog!

  3. Thanks for the support! Heath is amazing, I could go on and on!