Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Little Reminiscing

As I packed my carry on for my flight back to Des Moines, IA today I pulled out some of my old magazines I picked up in New Zealand last fall. Inside Out is one of my favorite magazines and I am so glad I revisited this today! I found some amazing articles, photographs, products, and feel like I met some amazing people.

The home of furniture designer Mark Tuckey and his beautiful family, smiles at you with it's worn-in charm and even invites you to sit down, grab a drink, and enjoy the views. It's filled with functional furniture, artwork from friends, and pure honesty.
Family and career will always be a tough balance. Cristina Rodriguez realized this and needed an escape from the life of a global designer living in Barcelona and Manhattan. She and her two boys set out to find that greater importance in life and ended up in the Carribean where they transformed this former hotel into a private villa. I absolutely love this tranquil wallcolor and the use of the grays, greens, concrete, black, and natural woods. Check out her site for many more beautiful pictures! This life doesn't seem so tough anymore...I think I could handle it:-)

New Zealand fashion designer, Karen Walker, describes her home as Left of Centre, individualistic, rough around the edges, and full of unexpected twists. My objective in design is to "tell the story of each client" and this is exactly what is happening here. Check out the spread and then check out the her Spring/Summer Collections, no surprise here.
"Our home has just the right amount of wrong" -Mikhail

Here's a few more words to inspire:

Homes are a life's work. Every year your lifestyle changes-you use a house differently" -Mikhail

"Always plan from the floor up. Once you've set the foundations you can always create a great look" -Claire Delmar

"The activity of improving things by rearranging them in away that will improve them" -Tom Dixon on Creativity from the INTERIOR WORLD OF TOM DIXON

"Give them what they never knew they wanted" -Albert Hadley

"I appreciate the classics...Eames, Hans Wegner, Verner Panton, but I hate that mentality of walking into a store and buying style..." -Marcus Hay

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