Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have always been fascinated with product design and Droog continues to push the envelope. I can't wait until my next trip to New York when I can check out their showroom which opened in February 2009. Here's a blurb from the press release "Droog partnered with Dutch designers Studio Makkink & Bey to conceptualize an interior that breaks the codes of store design. The studio took a store of which all parts could be taken home and pushed the brief one step further by blending objects, store fittings and architecture."

The knotted chair is composed of thread knotted into the shape of a chair and then placed in epoxy and resin to keep it's shape.

The sticky lamp is not only rad, but it is cheap. For only $47.00 you too can own a sticky lamp:-)
This Wien Chair designed by LucidiPevere for Calligaris redefines the Viennese Cafe Chair. I'm usually not a huge fan of Calligaris furniture, but I love this chair. LucidiPevere also designs for Kristalia which explains why I love this chair. He designed this Plana Chair for Kristalia. To die for!

The talent over at Lagranja Design amazes me! I just love the theory behind their design..."We learn by doing, listening to both instinct and reason. The only style is the attitude and energy that emanates from a project: optimistic , full of vitality and concern for people ." Check out there site to view some of their amazing interior work. Take a look at a few of my favorite products featured below. From top we have the laika, ibiza, uto, belloch, coral, and uto.

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