Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holy Serenity

As I sit in my 500 sf beach bungalow filled with vintage finds, eclectic art from around the world as well as local artists, amazing colorful tapestries I cannot even tell you how much I appreciate the calmness and simplicity of Nils Holger Moormann. He has been discovering unknown talent and manufacturing their products since 1982. Following the principles of simplicity, intelligence, and innovation these beautiful works are discovered and produced.

The Spross bed can be shipped flat for ease of transport. It requires no tools for assembly and does not contain any metal.

Almerer the sculptural coat stand evokes playful memories of the past and takes you back to "that time when..."

Ok, so these glasses aren't from Moormann, they were designed by StudioIlse, founded by the amazing Isle Crawford, that I'm sure to swoon over soon! Just imagine telling those remember when stories while drinking out of these fabulous champagne glasses. My heart just skipped a beat...ok so now we're retreating at the Berge drinking out of these glasses...NICE!

Now you may ask what is Berge? Good question! As their site says Berge is not a hotel. It is a retreat. I get it. I want to be there. No television, no reception, only nature, books, and pure and honest beauty, and our champagne/wine glasses from StudioIsle.


  1. I love Ilse Crawford. I was just on the StudioIlse site last night and bookmarked a bunch of pics for a future blog post!

  2. I know! I have used her work as inspiration so many times! I'm obsessed with the celadon/gray green and black she uses...fabulous!