Wednesday, May 5, 2010

*My Birthday Wish*

My birthday is coming up on Saturday and I've been racking my brain trying to make plans! I came across the gorgeous Hotel Azucar on Remodelista and decided this is where I want to be. Since it's located in Veracruz, Mexico you know it's not too far away, I could make it there right? my dreams! So even though I cannot actually be here in person, this is where I will be in spirit on my birthday!
now this is sugary white.
if you need to find me i will be in the hammock. the locally made hammock that is.

love the green and white. looks like heaven to me.

a parrot? or is that a parakeet? i'm not that good with the birds.
green glass key holders?! seriously gorgeous.

so simple. so sweet.
love the metal bucket in the shower that is used as a shampoo holder.

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