Tuesday, May 4, 2010


With each page flip of VT Wonen I swear I gasped, "OH...MY...GOD"! The gorgeous colors, patterns, and texutres in the May issue have me satisfied for the rest of Spring!
that fluorescent orange-y pink on the deep seafoam-y green...I'm dying here!!
you think those pillows will make room for me! I'd love to snuggle up with them while drinking a cucumber mint water...or maybe a cucumber martini!
hot pink...you still got it!
darling, just darling.
now isn't this serene?!
sooo cute! can you image if this was your little guest cot?! wouldn't that be the sweetest thing ever?!
oh red, you're so sexy!
I always dreamed of having a bedroom in an attic!
one day my little girl...or maybe I...am going to have a hanging swing chair AND a glam ass bathroom!
Thank you Yellowtrace for introducing me to VT Wonen.