Friday, May 21, 2010

Things I Heart This Week.

I just spent a fabulous weekend on the Oregon Coast scoping out a new project! I went down to the beach each morning for a gorgeous walk. On my last day I was walking along, passing by millions of rocks, I looked down and this one, for some odd reason, caught my attention. I thought to myself I should pick that up, but I kept walking. After I was about 25 feet away I decided to turn around and go get that thing. When I picked it up it was a rock not just with a hole in it, but a rock with a heart in it! Oh heart I need to listen to you more often! So tonight I am just going to share with you a few things I "heart" this week!
1. "Follow Your Heart" Rock I found on the beach. 2. Love rug By Henzel. Seriously the colors are amazing! Love, Love, Love it! 3. I've shown you these before, but the "I love nice people who make cool things" posters by Will Bryant are the best! 4. The color combination in this image via Bloesem styled by Irina Graewe is insanely delicious! It made my heart skip a beat!

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