Thursday, February 18, 2010

Home Office's time!

Really, it's almost March?! Wow this year is flying by and has been crazy busy! Work, work, work! It's way past time for me to makeover my home office {area} into a much more functional and organized space! I've been saying for about the past 9 months that I am going to put shelves up above the desk. So far, it hasn't happened, but today I started going through my office inspiration folder...and here's what I found! Check out these gorgeous home offices!

This is pretty much what my office would look like if I added shelves and got a cat!

And this is kinda what it looks like now, minus the cool chairs, cool art, and unicycle. But everything is sitting on my long white desk and I'm dying to get it off!
Love this artwork, but the desk might be a little small for me!
Shelves and color...thumbs up to both.
Organized clutter. I think I could manage this!
I'm drooling over everything in this office...well except the tufted leather ottoman.
Gorgeous. Love the lamp!
The detail on the shelving is great! And the dark grey painted floors...NICE!

I would love to have this large of a work station, all that shelving, and that gorgeous light!

Seriously my dream office/den!

So sweet.

I could definitely see myself working here. love the black vintage desk and the wallpaper. It seems so cozy.

I'd feel pretty special sitting in this seat. Don't know if my organized clutter would work so well here.

Superb. I might want a different chair.
I can smell the salt water and feel the ocean breeze from here. Who wouldn't want this to be their home office!

psst...sorry i do not have any sources for these photos. if you know where they are from please do let me know!


  1. Love the black antique-design table! What a vintage touch that would be to the otherwise modern furniture that you may hve! :)

  2. I just love your office Annie! It's beautiful. I'm so glad I know you because one of these days, I'm gonna get me a house and then I'm flying you out HAHAHA!!

  3. Annie you gave provided me with a swift kick in the bum. I have my office 1/2 primed, no paint & lost steam. After viewing all these lovelies, I feel inspired again. Thanks & hope you are having a great Saturday in California?

  4. wow Annie they are all amazing!!! can't decide which one is my favorite but definitely love the ones with the most natural light... I need that to be happy at work =D

  5. Great ideas and images you have here! These are all helpful ideas to make a workspace more cosy and productive!

  6. Very inspiring home offices, indeed. Can you just imagine working all day in these lovely haven? Priceless. Thanks for these wonderful ideas!