Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Brighter Side of Black

I am a sucker for black walls, color, and the outdoors and this "Cutting-edge Melbourne Cottage" has combined these elements in a wonderful way. Beware these images are so powerful they even made my itunes start to skip:-)

Now doesn't this just look so peaceful?!

The pink wall rocks with the slate!

I am working with a Swedish couple on their gorgeous home in West Hollywood and I am totally thinking black kitchen...this almost confirmed it for me.

This modern chair gives this space that spunk that it needs to be playful.

You know I love the electric blue and this application creates art out of structure. Love it when that happens.

Still appreciating the Vitra Sofa!

Thanks Living Etc. for these fabulous photos and article! This is where I would love to be sitting with you have a friendly conversation!

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